Jason Sudeikis, Joe Jonas, Kristin Chenoweth Sculpt NSFW Clay Objects

Superfan TV

On Monday's The Tonight Show, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Jonas, and Kristin Chenoweth played "Tandem Sculptionary," in which they tried to sculpt and identify objects made of clay. Each of the team got very close as they sculpted through the arms of the other person.

Chenoweth was paired with Sudeikis and she had to form a candlestick. Her attempt certainly looked something that was too hot for TV. That seemed to be a running theme as Jimmy Fallon tried to mold clay into a giraffe for Joe Jonas.

After a few rounds of suggestive clay formations, the two pairs had to race to create a saxophone. With a long, bent clay piece waved in front of Joe Jones's face, he guessed correctly and ended the awkward affair.