James Corden Embarrasses Former Schoolmate Eddie Redmayne With Old Video of Him Singing

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Eddie Redmayne joined James Corden on The Late Late Show, where they revealed that the two go way, way back. Though Corden was a few years ahead of Redmayne, both attended the Jackie Palmer Stage School, just outside London, at the same time. Redmayne admitted to being a bit scared of Corden at the time, as he didn’t have any friends, and Corden was older and one of the cool kids. Also, Redmayne liked to sing songs like “Memory” from the musical Cats, while Corden was rapping and street dancing. And being the good former schoolmate that he is, Corden had with him the perfect video to remind Redmayne how much he liked to sing.

Corden, of course, had an old headshot of Redmayne from that time period, which embarrassed the Fantastic Beasts actor, but it was all in good fun, and in fairness, Corden showed one of himself too. To make things even better, for everyone other than Redmayne anyway, Corden also had a video of him singing “Memory.” Redmayne was embarrassed and tried to hide his face, but he actually sang the song beautifully. After showing the video, Corden told a red-faced Redmayne that his classmates knew right then that he had talent.

“It was beautiful. I can remember everyone in the wings that day going, ‘That guy is gonna win an Oscar,’” Corden said.

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