Jaden Smith, The Reincarnation Of ‘Shakespeare’?

Soren Baker

Jaden Smith thinks highly of his literary skills.

Will and Jada’s first born calls himself “the reincarnation of Shakespeare” in his song named after the famed English poet and playwright.

In the just-released clip for “Shakespeare,” the star of the forthcoming film After Earth rhymes with a virtually non-stop flow about his Grammy aspirations and his place on top of the rap game.

Like his father, Smith keeps the lyrics profanity-free as he showcases his braggadocio rhymes and his impressive breath control.

The video features a laid-back Smith rapping in front of a variety of flashing backgrounds, as well as a wall with framed black and white silhouettes.

The visual fireworks surrounding him and Smith’s speedy delivery make for an interesting juxtaposition in the video, as he performs his raps with a blunted affect.

Smith made his entrée to the rap world on Justin Bieber’s 2010 single “Never Say Never” before releasing The Cool Café - Cooltape Vol 1 mixtape on October 1, 2012.

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