Huey Lewis Gets All ‘American Psycho’ On Weird Al Yankovic

Wendy Geller

It's been 30 whole years since '80s icons Huey Lewis & the News released their definitive masterpiece, Sports. While we're sure there will be plenty of accolades to this rockin' anniversary (which technically falls in September), the good folks at Funny Or Die have probably already managed to make the best one.

In this clip, Lewis recreates the infamous scene from 2000's American Psycho--you know, the one where Christian Bale waxes rhapsodic about the merits of a certain musician (wink, wink), then slams an ax through Jared Leto's head. Except here, in a hysterical reversal, Lewis extolls the virtues of American Psycho.

And then, the best part: He whacks another '80s icon--none other than Weird Al Yankovic!

What did poor Al do to deserve this? It's been a long time, but he did spoof Lewis's smash "I Want A New Drug" back in 1985 with "I Want A New Duck."

If you're not familiar with the original scene from the movie, or it's been a few years since you've checked it out, see the side-by-side comparison below. Who wore that raincoat best?

Lewis will be celebrating the anniversary of his album by releasing a special expanded commemorative edition of Sports on May 14. The band will also launch a companion North American tour that month.