HTC Bolt news and rumors

Julian Chokkattu

HTC was a very different company in 2011. It released the HTC Thunderbolt, an Android smartphone with a kickstand, and it raced past Nokia to become the third-largest smartphone manufacturer. Now it seems like the company is leaning on the Thunderbolt name to jolt some life into its declining sales. The HTC Bolt is the rumored device, and here’s what we think we know about it.



The rumored HTC Bolt may follow a trend that not everyone likes: The removal of the headphone jack. A press-style glossy image of what may be the Bolt was leaked by @evleaks on Twitter, and a headphone jack isn’t visible anywhere on the phone’s body. Unlike Apple, where the multi-purpose Lightning port is used on the iPhone 7, the Bolt will likely rely on a USB Type-C connector for charging and audio purposes.

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Otherwise, the phone pictured is very similar to the HTC 10, HTC’s flagship smartphone that hasn’t done all that well — AT&T didn’t sell the device outright, and T-Mobile dropped it just 2 months after it was released. The side view shows a slight raised camera module, and the presence of two card slots, potentially one for the SIM and the other for a MicroSD card.

The wallpaper on the Bolt’s screen shows a Sprint-like logo design, suggesting the phone will only be available — at first, perhaps — on the network.


Noted leaker Evan Blass has mentioned that a device, likely to be named the HTC Bolt, will be coming to Sprint in October. The company recently filed a trademark for the name “Bolt,” and it also tweeted a mysterious GIF that teases a new phone coming on September 20. However, that tweet referred to the launch of the new Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle, but not the Bolt.

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The two Desire phones aren’t set for a U.S. launch yet, and are primarily aimed at the U.K. and elsewhere, while the HTC Bolt seems to be a Sprint exclusive, at least according to the leaks.

HTC’s having a busy time recently. Now the Desire phones have launched, and the Bolt looks set to follow soon, we’ve also got the new Google phones on the horizon, which it’s rumored to be manufacturing this year. The Google smartphones are not going to be branded Nexus, as leaks suggest Google is going with “Pixel,” and are expected to launch at an event slated for October 4.

Article originally published on 09-15-2016 by Julian Chokkattu. Updated on 09-21-2016 by Andy Boxall: Added in leaked image of what may be the HTC Bolt