Honey Boo Boo's family makes charity a priority in TLC's 'A Very Boo Christmas' [Video]

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You've probably taken down your twinkle lights and tree by now, but the Christmas spirit shines on in the upcoming "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Christmas special, "A Very Boo Christmas."

In this sneak peek, Mama June, Sugar Bear, little Alana and her sisters are focused on what really matters: giving to those less fortunate via their annual Christmas charity drive. It's not surprising seeing that the members of this redneck-proud family are known philanthropists in their McIntyre, Georgia, community; they even donate edible road-kill meat to those in need.

The most wonderful time of the year at the Thompson/Shannon home is all about preparing for this drive, and that means setting up hundreds of decorations and outfitting Sugar Bear in the Santa costume that June thinks he looks so "smexy" in. The family then greets hundreds of folks who come by to drop off toys and cans. This year's goal is to raise $10,000 or more in donations for kids' charities. Luckily, neighbors volunteered to help set things up, since this year's production will be one of their biggest. Who said you had to have a lot to give a lot?

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Just like any other family, going through boxes of Christmas decorations proves to be a frustrating task for this country crew -- particularly when discovering that plastic baby Jesus has mangled toes and encountering a yellow jacket in a box of decorations.

Mama June, known for her frugal ways, refuses to toss out a small, white tree that's bent out of shape. "Let me see it! I can fix it!" she hollers.

"Mama don't throw nothing away. She's one of those hoarders," Alana says. (Looks like Honey Boo Boo watches A&E, too.) But June retorts, "It's the leaning tree of Pisa," and makes it work even after accidentally breaking some bulbs with a hammer. "Ta-dow!"

Mama June and Alana talk Christmas gifts and Santa's naughty/nice list:

To find out if this tight-knit brood drums up enough charitable interest to meet their goal, tune in to "A Very Boo Christmas" on Sunday, 2/10 at 8 PM on TLC.