Hip-Hop Reacts to Donald Trump Presidential Win: 'Only in Amerikkka'


After gaining the loud support of rappers including Jay Z, Chance the Rapper, YG and Pusha T, many in the hip-hop nation were left slack-jawed on Tuesday night (Nov. 8) as the reality of Republican Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton became evident. From the expected comments about keeping calm and carrying on from Twitter power user Questlove of the Roots ("Meditates. Waits. Keeps Cool.) to a profane tweet of disbelief from Snoop Dogg("F--k. This s--t."), plenty of rappers had strong reactions to the news. 

Here's what some in the hip-hop nation said:

Diddy took a spiritual approach to the news.

Public Enemy's Chuck D couldn't deal at all.

Rick Ross preached resiliency.

Macklemore posted a lengthy post about moving on and teaching his daughter to love... "all people."

Killer Mike, meanwhile, was having a hard time letting it go, but said in the end he (and we) will be all right.

Talib Kweli didn't hide his disappointment.

DJ Green Lantern was scared.

And Tinashe had no words.

Questlove was taking deep breaths.

Arrested Development's members said now that Trump has won our character might be tested.

Meek Mill broke it down this way.

David Banner said you should just wake up and "continue to be Black in America." 

Lil B just sent his love.