Former NFL Player Can’t Catch Love, Has Parents Catch Love For Him

Superfan TV

Devin Duggan was in-and-out of the National Football League for three years, and he’s been in-and-out of love his entire adult life. Devin is looking for love, and letting his parents find her on TLC’s Married By Mom & Dad.

On the season premiere, Devin admitted that he knows why he’s had problems finding love in the past, saying, “I haven't been successful in love because I've dated girls for the wrong reasons -- the pretty girls and the big boobs and the big butt.” Even though Devin knew the problem, that didn’t stop him from continuing it. When he was sitting with his parents, discussing his potential bride-to-be, Devin added, “Don't pick the ugly one.”

While Devin’s mom didn’t care about looks, his Dad seemed to be looking out for his son’s requests. When Devin’s dad met two of the possible daughter-in-laws, he commented on both of their looks, calling them “pretty” and “beautiful.”

The season is just starting, so it’ll be a while before we find out if the bride Devin gets meets his attractiveness requirements, but we do know that if he will definitely be bummed if she’s not up to his standards.