Everything We Know About Bombshell 'Biggest Loser' Breakup: Why Sam and Stephanie Divorced

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On "The Biggest Loser," you don't make your goal by throwing in the towel. But in marriage, sometimes quitting is the best option.

Such is the case for lovable "Loser" vet Stephanie Anderson, who is divorcing her "Loser" husband Sam Poueu. Fans of the couple are shocked, and with good reason. Audiences adored watching them meet and fall in love and lose a combined 250 pounds on the ninth season of the series. They're honeymooners, only married a year, and they're expecting a baby boy in July. If you're thinking that only the biggest loser in the world gets dumped by his pregnant wife, well ... keep reading.

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People magazine reports that the couple entered counseling several months ago because of strain in their marriage. (And they've had it rough. In 2011, Poueu fell off a deck and was badly injured, and his wife had to care for him.) Poueu must believe that honesty is the best policy because he confessed to cheating on his wife on several occasions – ouch -- with several different women -- double ouch -- both before and during their marriage -- ugh.

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A source told the magazine that he thought things would improve if he told the truth. (So in other news, men are still kind of dumb.) This is what Poueu had to say for himself in a statement to People: "Our focus is on Stephanie's continued health through her pregnancy and the delivery of our son. We are excited to be blessed as his parents and are focusing all of our energy and attention on doing what is best for his future. He is the most important person right now to both of us."

For the sake of the baby, we hope that he's telling the truth.

See Sam and Stephanie in happier times: