Effort to kill California mountain lion prompts outcry

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A plan to shoot the lion has triggered a heated debate over whether a beloved wild animal should be killed, captured or simply left alone. P45 is blamed for killing a dozen animals last weekend. from the Santa Monica Mountains. After this piece aired, Jordan Traverso, the state wildlife spokeswoman quoted in the story, added in part: "It is very difficult to convey the complexity of a story like this in a split second sound byte so wanted to elaborate... first, we know that the alpacas were killed by a lion, and we know that P45 was in the general vicinity near the time of the attack, but we do not know definitively if it was P45 that killed the alpacas... last night I said that it was difficult to say anything with absolute certainty because things were changing quickly yesterday and my statement that 'in this situation we would not relocate the lion because it has killed,' while typically true, this situation is unique and we continue to evaluate any options we may have."