Drake Confronts a Kidnapper in 'Hold on We're Going Home'

Jon Blistein
Rolling Stone

If you thought Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home" was nothing more than a sweet send off for high school seniors leaving prom, hip-hop's favorite feelings dispenser has decided to flip the hook's meaning in the an action packed clip that has a vintage Miami Vice vibe. The clilp features ASAP Rocky, Majid Jordan (who co-produced and are featured on the song), Chicago MC Fredo Santana and actor Steven Bauer (Scarface) and finds Drake's classy dinner disrupted by a phone call bringing news that his beloved has been kidnapped by Bauer's people. Cue the assembling of the crew: Drake and co. strap up and roll out, arriving at a shipping yard and unleashing a hail of gunfire (right after they murk the traitor in their midst of course). It's a close call, but Drake bests Bauer in a final stand off to save the love of his life  - be sure to stay tuned for his next album to hear how they broke up.


This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Drake Confronts a Kidnapper in 'Hold on We're Going Home'