Desiigner Sings His Heart Out in the Studio to The Temptations' 'My Girl': Watch


It's safe to say that Desiigner is a fan of vintage soulful jams. When the "Panda" rapper isn't dipping into his bag of records to perform for his fans, chances are, he's probably sitting in the studio crooning his soul away to classic Motown.

Recently, Genius caught the 19-year-old attempting to cover The Temptations' timeless wedding staple, "My Girl," diving seamlessly into the famous hook. While critics may be surprised with Desiigner's love for the old-school sound, he says he relished the idea of serenading young girls during his childhood. 

"I used to sing to the girls, 'Happy Birthday' and all that," he recently told Interview Magazine. "Did the Temptations. I always knew how to play around with my voice, make people laugh. I'd be crazy. Just my swag I guess. God blessed me." 

Check out his rendition below.

desiigner bout to drop everything and sign to motown --

- Genius (@Genius) November 30, 2016