Depeche Mode Get Darkly Sensual in 'Soothe My Soul'

RJ Cubarrubia
March 28, 2013

Depeche Mode get darkly sensual in their new video for "Soothe My Soul," combining the aggressive chants of the chorus with some smooth caresses and seductive imagery. Black, white and gray hues dominate, while Dave Gahan's vocals inject a menacing, sexual energy. Lovers clasp, blood trickles, snakes slither, and Depeche Mode feel up their instruments with striking intimacy.

Depeche Mode Pull Back the Curtain on 'Delta Machine'

"Soothe My Soul" is on Depeche Mode's latest record, Delta Machine, which Rolling Stone's Jon Dolan says "celebrates brooding faith and slippery solace without scrimping on Depeche's trademark blackstrobe punishment."


This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Depeche Mode Get Darkly Sensual in 'Soothe My Soul'

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