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Death Grips Unleash Dark, Psychedelic 'Birds'

Erin Coulehan
August 22, 2013
Death Grips Unleash Dark, Psychedelic 'Birds'
Death Grips Unleash Dark, Psychedelic 'Birds'

In early August, the massive love for Death Grips took a hit when the group failed to show up for their scheduled performance at Lollapalooza. Fans trashed the stage and damaged equipment, including a drum kit. Still the experimental hip-hop trio (Stefan Burnett, Zach Hill and Andy Morin) said nothing — until last night, when they surprise released a new track, "Birds," on their Facebook.

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The latest song, possibly a taste of their highly anticipated 2014 album, features nursery rhyme-ish lyrics wth a nightmarish twist set against dirty guitar licks, heavy synths, and Hill's signature drumming.

"One bird, two bird, three birds, four/ Five birds, six times life is war/ One bird, two birds, three birds, four/ Fuck you think I fuck this for/ Fuck you," Burnett raps over the grimy, psychedelic track.

Death Grips were dropped by their major label, Epic, in late 2012.


This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Death Grips Unleash Dark, Psychedelic 'Birds'