David Blaine Wows Celebrities Before Bullet Trick Goes Wrong

Superfan TV

On David Blaine: Beyond Magic, the magician wowed celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Margot Robbie, John Travolta, and Emma Stone when he swallowed rings and pulled them from his stomach with a hanger. While that was impressive, his next trick was an even bigger leap.

At a party, with attendees such as Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry, and Drake, Blaine surprised everyone when he regurgitated two live frogs. He handed one of the live amphibians to Drake in a champagne glass, and the other was handed to Chapelle.

Those frogs were almost Blaine's last meal because, for his final trick, the magician attempted to catch a bullet in his mouth. After the bullet was fired, Blaine said heard a high-pitched ringing in his ears and felt an impact in the back of his throat. Fortunately, the impact Blaine felt was just the shattering of his mouth guard, and Blaine survived the dangerous stunt with only a minor injury.