Dave Mustaine and Kenny G Spoof Men's Wearhouse Ads

Erin Coulehan
June 24, 2013

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Kenny G take on office-appropriate attire and tunes in a new Funny or Die video spoofing Men's Wearhouse commercials. Mustaine opens up the video clad nicely in a blazer, tie and flowing curls, and introduces the video's subject, Keith, who needs the perfect getup for a job interview. More importantly, says Mustaine, Keith needs the perfect metal album to pump him up. 

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Keith picks up Super Collider, Megadeth's 14th studio album which came out earlier this month, and is thusly prepared to kick ass. Keith rocks the interview and bonds with his soon-to-be boss who shows him his multiple Megadeth tattoos, including a trampstamp. 

Mustaine's testament cuts to a green screen and we realize Kenny G has been providing background music the whole time. The smooth jazz saxophonist and Mustaine exchange banter before Mustaine storms off set. The clip ends with a promo for Kenny G's "new breathless barbecue sauce" which is guranteed to "hit the Kenny G-spot . . . in your taste buds." 


This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Dave Mustaine and Kenny G Spoof Men's Wearhouse Ads

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