Dance Music Community Reacts to David Mancuso's Death


After the announcement that legendary New York DJ and Loft founder David Mancuso had passed away at 72, the dance music community took to social media in an outpouring of appreciation for his life and legacy.

Billboard Dance has rounded up some of the highlights below.

on repeat.
I love you, David Mancuso.#LoveSavesTheDay Tommie Sunshine (@tommiesunshine) November 15, 2016

thank you.

- The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi) November 15, 2016

Thank you, David Mancuso, for laying the foundation for everything we do. You changed the world for the better. Love still saves the day.

- smartbar chicago (@SmartBar) November 15, 2016

Wow. RIP David Mancuso. 2016 is playing no games.

- Just Blaze (@JustBlaze) November 15, 2016

May your inspiration of bringing people together through music, live on, David Mancuso. We need this now, as ever.

- Elijah Wood (@elijahwood) November 15, 2016

RIP David Mancuso. NYC's original disco DJ, bringing egalitarianism to the dancefloor since 1970. #LoveSavesTheDay

- Ninja Tune (@ninjatune) November 15, 2016

REST IN POWER DAVID MANCUSO. You're message is more important today than ever. #LoveSavesTheDay

- Soul Clap (@soulclap) November 15, 2016

Sad to hear about David Mancuso. Set up for him at 93 t East once .. his sonic attn to detail was staggering and the party even better.

- Paul Epworth (@paulepworth) November 15, 2016

RIP David Mancuso. It all started with him. #lovesavestheday

- Bill Brewster (@djhistory) November 15, 2016

David Mancuso - an inspiration in my DJ days. The small stage-managed party, the perfect sound system, the detail, the love … RIP [salutes]

- Ben Watt (@ben_watt) November 15, 2016

David Mancuso gave the Loft to the world as a celebration of music w a spirit of inclusivity & was all about the BEST version of humanity

- Hercules Love Affair (@HerculesLA) November 15, 2016

RIP David Mancuso. I'm gutted. The archetype of everything it means to be a DJ. We love you David, and as always, #LoveSavesTheDay

- Cosmo Baker (@CosmoBaker) November 15, 2016

Another one of my heroes gone too soon in power David Mancuso. You changed my life forever. #mydjidol

- KingBritt (@kingbritt) November 15, 2016