Crocodiles Get Up and Go on 'Cockroach': Premiere

Lauren Musacchio
Rolling Stone

Crocodiles give you ultimate rock & roll with their release of "Cockroach." With a catchy melody and all-over-the-place noise, this garage-rock single from their album Crimes of Passion makes you want to get up and go. The retro video takes you on a real trip, with these American rockers swinging high with a bottle of (what we think is) cockroach repellant.

Having begun making music together at age 18 in San Diego, the band now split their time between London and New York City. This album is filled with heartbreak, pain and anguish. 

1. "I Like It in the Dark"
2. "Marquis de Sade"
3. "Cockroach"
4. "Heavy Metal Clouds"
5. "Teardrop Guitar"
6. "She Splits Me Up"
7. "Me and My Machine Gun"
8. "Gimme Some Annihilation"
9. "Virgin"
10. "Un Chant d'Amour"


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