Cher Talks Aging, Embarking on Her Possible Last Tour on ‘Today’

Stephen Proctor

Pop icon Cher sat down with Maria Shriver for Today and spoke about aging and her upcoming tour. After devoting much of 2016 fundraising for Hillary Clinton, Cher will spend a lot of 2017 onstage, with 24 shows already scheduled in Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. Much of Cher’s last major tour, in 2014, had to be canceled because of health issues. Cher explained why she wanted to do the next tour, dubbed Classic Cher.

“I didn’t want to be finished. I didn’t want to be through with singing. And I knew that this would probably be the last time,” Cher said. She later added, “This is probably — it’s now or never.”

Cher, who turned 70 earlier this year, also talked candidly about aging. She said she doesn’t know how to accept it, and she doesn’t want to accept it.

Cher said, “I look in the mirror and I see this old lady looking back at me, but I have no idea how she got there.”

She also shared something about herself that might surprise her millions of loyal fans: Cher isn’t a fan of Cher.

“I’m never satisfied. I’ve never really been in love with Cher. She’s all right, but I’m not a huge fan,” she said.

Cher’s amazing career has lasted more than 50 years. One of the reasons she has done it so long is that she feels what she does onstage is therapeutic. She also said that it gives her audience a respite from the world and from their problems, and that respite has a lingering effect.

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