The Challenges Facing Europe's Bond Market

Bloomberg Video

Nov.21 -- In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, much has been made about the stunning selloff in the U.S. bond market. Traders have described it as a bloodbath and a seismic shift. Some have even dubbed it a Trump tantrum, in a nod to the Fed-induced rout of 2013. But for those that rely on fixed-income assets for what the name actually suggests -- a fixed income over time -- it couldn’t have come at a better time. Pension funds, which for years have struggled to keep up with their obligations as yields plumbed new lows, are now in line for a $100 billion reprieve as interest rates increase. JPMorgan International Fixed Income CIO Nick Gartside discusses the headwinds facing yields in light of recent elections in the U.S. and France with Anna Edwards and Yousef Gamal El-Din in London and Manus Cranny in Dubai on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe."