The Chainsmokers Throw Shade at Rihanna and Lady Gaga in New Interview


Are the Chainsmokers running out of puff? Social media (or at least some corners of it) seems to think so. 

The smoking-hot EDM duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall is taking online flak for their comments in an interview with Rolling Stone in which they threw shade at Lady Gaga and all-too-casually namechecked their famous new friends and admirers. 

The self-confessed "frat bro dudes" seem super-comfortable in their new circle of stars as they chat about the big bucks they earn, even when they're paid for not playing (Adobe booked them for a corporate party but apparently canceled and paid-out more than $80,000), their spending habits and their predilections for drinking coconut water on stage. They've worked on "one of the dopest songs we've ever written" with Coldplay's Chris Martin, according to Pall, while Bono "rolled up to our studio, all by himself," Taggart adds, "and played us some new U2 music."

And when Rihanna rejected their demo for "Don't Let Me Down," it was OK, explained Pall, "because young unknown artists have this hunger - they're willing to work really hard." Which is to suggest that RiRi isn't (Daya ultimately contributed vocals to the track). Oh, and they "basically brain-raped" Calvin Harris.

The party boys' comments have been pegged by some observers as "rude" and "awful". But it's Pall's comment about Gaga's new track "Perfect Illusion" which has gone down like a lead zeppelin. The track "sucks," he's quoted as saying, before scrunching up his nose mid-sentence as though "something's gone rancid on the seafood tower," according to the RS writer. 

Don't mess with Mother Monster. Angry Twitter uses are sharing their thoughts with the hashtag #TheChainsmokersAreOverParty.

The Chainsmokers, however, are laughing all the way to the top of the charts. Their track "Closer" featuring Halsey, leads the Billboard Hot 100 for an eighth week. It's their third top 10 hit this year following "Don't Let Me Down" (No. 3)  and "Roses" (No. 6).
"Closer" notches up its ninth week at No. 1 on the Australia's singles survey, breaking the record for most weeks at No. 1 this year, previously held by Lukas Graham's "7 Years."

Read the Rolling Stone interview here.