A New York Christmas Playlist

Robert of the Radish
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When I think of Christmas in a big city, New York is the first that comes to mind. Movies like A Miracle On 34th Street have helped to give New York City a very special Christmastime mystique. And if you've ever been to New York during the holidays you know first hand how magical it can be. Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, Times Square & Central Park are all decked out, and there is something wonderful that happens when falling snow glistens under the twinkling city lights.

In addition to the traditional Christmas movies that are set in New York there are also a good number of New York inspired Christmas songs. For this list I've brought together ten lesser-known tracks. So if you're lucky enough to live in New York, put this on your iPod and take a walk to enjoy the sights. If not, maybe this playlist will help transport you there, just for a little while.

What would be on your New York Christmas playlist?

A New York Christmas Playlist

1. Christmas In New York - The Pointer Sisters

2. A Lonely Christmas in New York - Neil Sedaka

3. A New York Christmas - Rob Thomas

4. Christmas in Hollis - Run D.M.C.

5. Christmas In Manhattan - Fred Travalena

6. Christmas On Broadway - Timmins Youth Singers

7. Christmas in Manhattan - Steven Kimbrough

8. Skating In Central Park - Ken Navarro

9. Miracle On 34th Street Theme - The Hit Co

10. Wall Street Christmas - Phil Coley

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