Yo-Yo Ma Previews Live Performance From ‘The Goat Rodeo Sessions’ DVD

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Stop The Presses!

Those who have not experienced a goat rodeo in action would enjoy watching Yo-Yo Ma's "Fiddle Medley," an exclusive live performance from the cellist's "The Goat Rodeo Sessions" DVD & Blu Ray out May 29.

Yo-Yo Ma and three other string players meld nicely for an intense, climactic bluegrass/country offering recorded live in February at the House Of Blues in Boston.

Yo-Yo Ma explained the origins of the goat rodeo tie-in. "It was described as an aviation term where everything is incredibly chaotic and a hundred things must go right in order for there to be a good resolution," he told Boston.com in January. "[The music] actually comes together in a way that the four of us really like."

The House Of Blues show was broadcast live in movie theaters across the nation. "The Goat Rodeo Sessions" album was recorded in James Taylor's barn in Western Massachusetts.

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