Yelawolf & Kid Rock, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

It's hip-hop time in Framed once again, and this week's video, "Let's Roll," is the real deal! It features Yelawolf, the skateboarder/rapper from Alabama, and Kid Rock, the musical icon from Detroit, performing a paean to the overall goodness of the values of the Deep South.

We all know about Kid Rock -- he's the McDonald's Dollar Menu of pop music -- but who's this Yelawolf? Well, his real name is Michael Wayne Atha, and he made his initial splash on a UPN reality series. His biggest hit to date was his LP, Radioactive, the 2011 disc that featured this week's video.

The Yelawolf/Kid Rock match is one made in heaven, though. Projecting American greatness, the two sing of big trucks, big bucks, peeing in a lake, and, of course, 30 packs. Pretty much everything that makes us #1.

So sit back and enjoy the show, and promise to get back here next week for an absolutely astonishing, never-before-seen blog!

1 -- Please stop us before we write another caption! Tree's a crowd!

2 -- In Alabama, this is actually a doctoral thesis!

3 -- You wouldn't believe how many animals were harmed in the making of this video.

4 -- Search as they may, the left side of the infield couldn't be found!

5 -- Sure. Just take a left at Never Never Land.

6 -- "I was only this tall, back when I was Kid Kid Rock!"

7 -- "It's all good, Roy. Shootin' at Air Force One is protected by the Second Amendment."

8 -- "Back off! Lots of people pick their nose."

9 -- We never really forget about The League of the Preposterously Dressed!

10 -- Some pianos simply can’t be inhaled!

11 -- "Seriously. What are the odds a hitchhiker would be related to the President?"

12 -- A miffed Jim (far right) insisted they were flying the wrong way!