Y! Music Has A New Look

Dave DiMartino
Executive Editor
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Y! Music Has A New Look

We're excited about some updates to Yahoo! Music, and wanted to share the news with you.

First, we updated the look of the Y! Music homepage. Our old design served us well, and in fact did so for several years, but times have changed, music has changed, and Y! Music has changed--and this new design frees us up considerably and will offer us the sort of new flexibility that we've all long been hankering for. We think you'll find it easier to navigate throughout the site, and our ability to guide you toward that content of which are most proud, that we think you'll most enjoy, has especially been enhanced.

We also teamed up with a music video platform leader, VEVO, to deliver a deeper catalog of artists and a top-notch video player that will significantly up the look and feel of music videos on our site.  We think you'll instantly notice the upgrade in video quality and we'd love to get your feedback in this regard.

Finally, we'd like to point out that all of this is a work in progress. More changes will be coming your way soon, and that will include an even wider array of music videos, an increased emphasis  on original,  exclusive content—both in video and text form—and a consistent push toward supplying all Y! Music users with those things we know they most greatly enjoy.

It's a delight to work at Yahoo! Music, and we hope you will be equally delighted by our new look and features.