X Factor, The Day After: Top 17 Reveal Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, on a very controversial and hotly debated "X Factor" episode, the final 17 contestants were picked for the "X Factor" live shows--and anyone who has been watching recent "Day After" conversations between and my Yahoo! colleague Matt Whitfield already knows that we are FURIOUS about some of the judges' cuts.

A few of our favorite contestants--like Caitlin Koch, Christa Collins, Tora Woloshin, Jazzlyn Little, and James Kenney--were sent packing last night, while others (like, um, everyone in Paula Abdul's groups category) undeservedly stayed. Additionally, Simon Cowell got to keep a bonus fifth contestant for himself (hence why it's a top 17 instead of the expected top 16), while the other judges didn't have that same privilege and had to let some very worthy singers go.

It's no wonder that Matt's so mad today, and that I'm so sad that I've taken my Rachel Zevita "Idol" mouring veil out of its dusty hatbox to grieve the loss of Christa et al today.

Watch Matt and I gripe about last night's show in our latest "Day After" chat above...and feel free to post your own complaints, comments, and concerns on the message board below.

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