‘X Factor’ Star Jason Brock Shows His Pride in Debut Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Remember Jason Brock, the gone-too-soon "X Factor" Season 2 finalist who famously "did it for the gays and Japan"? Well, he's back, and the timing of his first single and video couldn't be more awesome or appropriate.

The out-and-proud pop divo has returned with the marriage equality anthem "You've Got the Love," just in time for this week's historic DOMA/Prop 8 rulings and his June 30 performance at San Francisco's Gay Pride festival.

The fun and flamboyant video begins with Jason hearing the DOMA ruling news, and then he takes to the streets of his adopted home city of San Francisco to celebrate. Rocking a Rip Taylor-worthy, rainbow-leopard ringmaster jacket, tons of sequins, and a fantastic pair of bedazzled boots that are tame even by SF Pride standards, the Brock star leads a pride parade as he belts out his Hi-NRG disco tune, and he definitely leaves his heart in San Francisco. Yay!

Oh, but in case you were wondering…Jason's still doing it for Japan, too:

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