‘X Factor’ MC Astro Returns In New Music Video, “He Fell Off”

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Astro, aka the Astronomical Kid, was undoubtedly one of the most electric and charismatic performers of "The X Factor USA" Season 1, and sadly, very few of the contestants who followed him in Season 2 made as lasting an impression. Admit it: You may have loved Astro, you may have loathed Astro...but I bet you didn't forget Astro.

I certainly didn't forget about this talented Brooklyn teen MC (he's got the X factor, for sure), and he certainly hasn't stopped working since leaving the show, going about his career the respectable, old-school way by recording one hot underground mixtape after another. And now he has finally released a music video, "He Fell Off," from his forthcoming mixtape, Deadbeats And Lazy Lyrics (out February 18).

The song pokes fun at the idea that Astro's star has faded since his "X Factor" stint ended (there's a rhyme about losing Twitter followers, plus the line "Wasn't he on some TV show?"), but I still believe he could have an astronomical career in hip-hop. And judging by the massive amount of swaggadocio he exhibits in the video, he believes it too. That confidence (some might call it cockiness) may have hindered him on "The X Factor," since American singing-show voters seem to prefer humble contestants...but I think it will serve him well in the real hip-hop world.

What do you think of Astro's new video?

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