X Factor, The Day After: Top 7 Show Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

This week, "The X Factor" aired its top seven Michael Jackson Night, and for the most part it wasn't much of a thriller. Even Michael's own kids, sitting uncomfortably in the audience, looked like they were ready to shamon the heck out of there. To answer the musical Michael question "who's bad?"...well, that answer came in multiple parts. Quite a few contestants--even Rachel Crow, who'd once been compared by the judges to a young Michael--didn't quite deliver performances that'll go down in "X Factor" HIStory.

So who will beat it tonight, in yet another double elimination? Really, it could be anyone--anyone other than Melanie Amaro, that is, who was genuinely thrilling last night. Watch my Yahoo! colleague and fellow reality fan Matt Whitfield and I discuss last night's episode, and offer our predictions for tonight's big results, in the latest (quite controversial!) installment of "The Day After" above. And feel free to your own comments, complaints, and concerns on the message board below.

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