The X Factor, The Day After: Top 12 Live Show Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Last night, "The X Factor" top 12 performed for Diva Week, but not all of the contestants were so divalicious. While 13-year-old "little DEE-vah" (Britney Spears's words) Carly Rose Sonenclar completely slayed "My Heart Will Go On," others sank like the Titanic itself, including two former standouts, Arin Ray and my beloved Lyric 145. Conspiracy theorists (i.e., me and my "The Day After" co-host, Matt Whitfield) can speculate if those two were set up for failure (Arin was thrown off his game, as he later tweeted, when the wrong track  played at the start of his performance, and Lyric 145 were forced to change their song at the last minute)--or if the other contestant most at risk this week, CeCe Frey, was set up all season long, from the bad edit job she got during the audition rounds to the horrible second makeover she received this week.

Today, Matt and I break it all down for you, complete with our own diva-worthy outfits. Which wannabe diva had the X factor last night? Which two are going home in tonight's big double-diva elimination? Let's discuss.

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