Wooderson Is Back! McConaughey Reprises Classic Role For Butch Walker And The Black Widows’ New Video

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Freshmen beware: Wooderson from the cult film Dazed and Confused is back, and he's hitting up da club near you. After a 19-year hiatus, beefcake actor Matthew McConaughey—a.k.a. the man comedians love to hate—has shimmied back into his tight bellbottoms, tiny tee, and creeper 'stache for Butch Walker & The Black Widows' latest music video, "Synthesizers."

...And he brought his trumpet and tiny piano with him. Wooderson does not take partying lightly.

With a marching band and pep rally spirit, "Synthesizers" takes potshots at the trendy bands who are named after animals, wear feathers and neon clothes, and yes, play synthesizers. Walker said of the video, "When it comes to classic characters, Matthew McConaughey's 'Wooderson' took the cake...and the high school girls with him...The song lyrics really relate to just about anyone who has a hard time moving on with the changes that life throws at you." Wooderson is actually a perfect personification of how to handle the changing times: He may not be up on the latest fads, but he's still true to himself and can still party hard with the best, latest, and greatest of them all (your girlfriend included).

"Synthesizers" continues Walker's preoccupation with passing youth, following his first single "Summer Of '89."  "Summer" is a fun, raucous rock song that laments how adulthood doesn't begin to measure up to teenage glory. Both infectious singles play like lighthearted rallying cries for those who miss the good ol' days of rock, for a time before dubstep DJ Skrillex was a Grammy nominee.

On top of releasing a number of his own albums, both solo and with bands including the Marvelous 3, Walker has also taken on a producer role for names like Pink, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Pete Yorn, Weezer, and yes, even the indomitable Lindsay Lohan. The prolific frontman certainly knows a lot about the sometimes crushing direction in which music goes. Walker is currently on his second album with the Black Widows, and his own music is as strong as ever.

I have to give McConaughey credit for being such a good sport in this video. If there's any character he can pin down perfectly, it's the cocky, self-absorbed ladies' man. Though a little  older, a little buffer, and a little lighter on the hairline, Wooderson has held up pretty well over the years. Don't you kind of hate that? Personally, I have eyes for that hot bartender...oh wait, that's Butch Walker himself. Talk about holding up well (call me)!

Butch Walker and The Black Widows' second album The Spade is out now. Watch the music video for their latest single "Synthesizers":

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