Without a SXSW Music badge? Try the Austin Music Map

Phoebe Connelly

How do you find new music? Scratch that. How do you find new live music that you can see in person and you can experience?

Enter the Austin Music Map, a project of Austin public radio station KUTX and the Association of Independents in Radio. The creators of the Austin Music map presented Friday at SXSW. The map takes social content created at live music events around the city and displays it in a format that allows the shared content to shine while directing users to the physical locations where music is performed.

The map displays music as blotches of color on a a grey-grid map. Orange indicates KUTX-generated content, and blue is community-generated. Hovering over a color displays the media created there--allowing users to immerse themselves in the music scene through videos, slideshows, and playlists. Currently, the map incorporates media shared on Flickr (a Yahoo! owned product), Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Community content populates the map when media is tagged "austinmusicmap" on these digital services.

"Photography has been huge because we are building on something people are doing when they are out at night," Delaney Hall, the producer of the Austin Music Map, said. Instagram has been key, she says, because it's a photo sharing tool that even casual photographers can use in the moment.

The map is built on Zeega--a media mash-up platform available for individuals and groups. Hall said KUTX had gone back and forth on the purpose of the map. She said she leans toward the map as a documentary of what has happened in the city, but is open to seeing what users make of it.

So far, promoters have uploaded posters for shows to Flickr and have tagged them to feed the map.