Wilson Phillips: Dedicated To The Songs They Love

Dave DiMartino
Maximum Performance (NEW)

If looked at purely on a genetic basis, how in the world could Dedicated be anything but a very fun listen?

The latest album by Wilson Phillips--the well-known pop trio who swiftly rose to fame with their 1990 debut album--could not come with a better pedigree.

The singers? Carnie and Wendy Wilson, daughters of Beach Boys' founding legend Brian Wilson, and Chynna Phillips, daughter of the Mamas & Papas' celebrated John & Michelle Phillips. The songs? Some of the most famous in pop history--which just happened to be penned or made famous by the singers' celebrated parents. Among the highlights are memorable versions of "California Dreamin'," "Don't Worry Baby," "Monday, Monday," "Fun, Fun, Fun" and the thematically relevant "Dedicated To The One I Love."

The trio brought their warmth and good humor to the Y! Music studios recently and offered up several memorable live renditions of those tracks and an enormously entertaining interview--spilling the details on the new album, their fascinating career path, their unexpected resurgence via Bridesmaids, and their brand new reality show, airing on the TV Guide Network.

Charming, funny, and still very much on people's minds after all this time, Dedicated shows that dreaming or not, you can't take the California out of the Wilson Phillips girls!