Willow Smith Channels ‘The Fresh Prince’ In New Video

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

Eleven-year-old phenom Willow Smith's latest tune is called "I Am Me," and it's a heartfelt ballad devoted to the importance of individuality. However, ironically enough--while the young singer defends her uniqueness, she also chooses to neatly channel her dad, Will Smith, back in his early '90s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air heyday.

Willow borrowed a few things from Will's repertoire in order to pay this homage. First of all, her vintage outfit: An oversized polka-dot shirt, black sneakers, colorful socks...it's like, totally, "Yo, holmes, smell ya later!"

Second, the video's shot in New York City, not West Philadelphia. But Willow cleverly incorporates a painted wall to mirror the iconic graffiti seen on her father's hit comedy, as well as his videos with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Third? Well, just check out Willow's moves. In the latter half of the video, she gets Fresh with some old-school dancing, busts out the slo-mo, and looks almost eerily like dear old dad when she gets a little goofy and makes a couple exaggerated faces

Go ahead and compare her new video with the classic opening segment for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which you can watch HERE. We're sure Will enjoyed this as much as we do!

Willow's always been a fan of her father's work. In fact, in this exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music from 2010, she says she might consider remaking his Grammy-winning 1988 hit "Parents Just Don't Understand."

"There's a possibility that I will," Willow smiles. "It's a really great song,"


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