Why You Won’t Be Seeing Lady Gaga Perform Inside a Giant Doritos Vending Machine at SXSW

Craig Rosen
Yahoo Music

If your South By Southwest dream was to see Lady Gaga perform inside a giant Doritos vending machine, it's turned into a nightmare. The city of Austin has denied the necessary permits required for the Mother Monster to perform at the Doritos Stage during SXSW because of safety concern, city officials said.

For the past few years, Doritos has set up a stage that looks like a giant vending machine in the parking lot of Carmelo's Italian Restaurant. Although the venue is outside, Austin Police Cmdr. William Manno told KXAN-TV that the venue can only accommodate about 800 people. Doritos has had no comment on the matter.

"Those 800 will get in, but it's the thousands of others that will come and try to sneak a peak, and try to hear, that that particular area will just not accommodate," he said.

Things got a bit hectic last year when Doritos hosted an old-school hip-hop jam with LL Cool J, Ice Cube, and Public Enemy. In an attempt to control the crowd, the Austin police parked several semi-trucks on the street to help keep the overflowing crowd out of the parking lot. Austin city officials think the Mother Monster would create even more of a nightmare, with a bigger crowd and more potential public safety hazards.

Manno added that overflow crowds could interfere with fire trucks from a nearby fire station and could also block traffic to a nearby hospital. "We need to make sure there is nothing interfering with those routes," he said.

Let the chips fall where they may, so to speak. Watch this space to find out if Gaga is able to find about SXSW venue. The Music portion of South By Southwest takes place March 11-15.

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