Why Infidelity, Death, and Lawsuit Didn't Halt Production on Mary Mary's Reality Series

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Yahoo Music

Erica Campbell, one half of the platinum-selling, Grammy-winning gospel group Mary Mary, recently stopped by Yahoo Music to discuss their WE tv reality series, her solo album, the passing of their father and more.

The promo for Season 3 of the TV show (which premieres Thursday, February 27th at 9|8c) is intense, honing in on Tina Campbell's discovery that her husband had been unfaithful. Erica says such turmoil delayed the production for the series.

"There was a lot the cameras didn't see," Erica told Yahoo Music. "So we did turn them off quite a bit. It took a long time to film Season 3."

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All of the shocking developments prompted the duo to take a different course during some of the tapings. "There were days when it was just too emotional about my dad or Tina and Teddy were having a real rough day and we had to get creative and do something else," Erica said.

Fortunately, the executives at the network and record label offered the ladies their full support. Erica and Tina also wanted to honor their agreement to do the show. "We could have just shut it down until we got back to fluffy land, but we made a commitment to tell the truth, tell the real truth," she said. "Sometimes we couldn't even help it. It just spilled out."

During Part 1 of the two-part interview, Erica also explained why she decided to record a solo album ("Help," due out on March 25) and how she has coped with the death of her father, who died on the same day she released her solo single, "A Little More Jesus."

In the second part of the sit down, Erica explained the album artwork, featuring Lecrae and her daughter Krista on her song "Help," meeting her husband, producer Warryn Campbell and her forthcoming children's book.

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