Whitney Houston’s ‘Like I Never Left’: Gem From ‘I Look To You’ Album

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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I have an ear for picking singles, so I was shocked that "Like I Never Left" from Whitney's 2009 comeback album, "I Look To You," didn't perform better on the charts. I love this song.

The track produced by Akon is a feel good, summertime mid-tempo record that celebrates reviving a damaged relationship.

Considering Houston had not released an album in seven years and had been in the news for her troubles, I thought this message would resonate with fans.

Houston sings, "Did you ever wish you could get back something that you did in your past?" Later in the song she adds, "I want you to love me like I never left. I want you to hold me like I never left."

In addition to the appealing music and comforting message, the tone of the song fits Houston's new voice. While I actually thought the songs on "I Look To You" complemented her huskier sound, "Like I Never Left" finds Houston in a comfortable space. The song does not involve any vocal runs that prompt comparisons to her earlier work. Her voice still sounds pleasant here.

Houston was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday.