Whitney Houston Eulogist Marvin L. Winans Said He Was Not Afraid During Carjacking

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Legendary gospel recording artist Marvin L. Winans isn't bitter about being carjacked at a Detroit gas station last month; instead he's concerned about his attackers.

While pumping gas, Winans, who delivered Whitney Houston's eulogy and is the pastor of Detroit's Perfecting Church, was reportedly assaulted by a group of men who stole his wallet, Rolex watch and luxury SUV.

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Winans believes he has an opportunity to turn the negative incident into something positive.

"When I look at what could have happened, I recognize what could not have happened because God is in control," he told Yahoo! Music in an exclusive interview. "Not once was there even a hint of fear and then since the incident I haven't taken aspirin for pain."

Winans believes the crime indicates a need for more intervention with troubled youth.

"I asked the question to God, 'Why did you allow this to happen?' and it comes back to this — these are our children," he said. "These are our sons. These are our nephews. These are our fathers, and we have to do something to save them.

"When I look at these children, I just see unguided potential with morals and values in the wrong place," he said.

Winans, who believes that we are our brother's keeper, said "our fathers are not stepping up to the plate. Men need to step up to the plate."

Last February, Winans offered encouraging words during the memorial services for his friend Whitney Houston, who he said was like a sister.

Though Houston sang pop and R&B music, she had deep roots in gospel. Her mother, Cissy, is a gospel icon. "She loved gospel music because that's what her mother did," he said. "She loved the church that she grew up in and was a fan of gospel and she never let anyone forget it."

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The Winans family became friends with Houston in the late '80s when they learned that she was singing their song "Tomorrow" at the end of her concerts.

Winans releases his latest album, "Marvin L. Winans Presents The Praise & Worship Experience" Tuesday through his company, MLW Productions, Inc. The album includes an unorthodox mixture of Christian music spanning traditional soulful gospel from legends like his mother Delores "Mom" Winans, contemporary gospel from the Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin, CCM from Don Moen, and even a classical song from Jacqueline Echols and Roderick Dixon.

"We've made gospel a particular sound, but what I wanted to do is stress that gospel music is more than just that," he said. "It's just more than Sunday morning. It's the message of gospel of Jesus Christ. That's what makes it gospel. I hope it will be a catalyst in really binding gospel music together."


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