Which Miley Are You?

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What better way to celebrate Ms. Cyrus this week than to find out what type of Miley you are? Sounds impossible? Nope, it’s easy. Just follow the Miley Map below to find out which Miley best represents you.

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Sporty Miley

You love to do anything that keeps you feeling healthy and fit. You sport a “tough girl” attitude. You possess true sportsmanship and teamwork. You are likely to be the most fit as the leader in any scenario. You feel your best when you’re surrounded by buddies all the time. Your the ‘most fun’ kind of person to date, because you like to get out and be active.

Party Miley

You party girl you. You’re always the life of the party, always the center of attention. You do whatever you want, you don’t care what any of the haters say. You’re very lively in everything you do and everything you wear. You are amazing at dancing, even in heels. Anyone has a good time dating you, but it may not be easy.

Heart-on-sleeve Miley

You don’t like to be weighed down. You always perform best when letting your emotions out instantly, that way  you can get over anything faster. You may be sensitive, but you’re also tough. You may show that you’re sad, but you stand tall when you’re strong. When you fall for someone, you fall hard in love. You let them in, and you expect the same in return. You make a very good girlfriend.

Chill Miley

You tend to just kick back, relax, without a worry in the world. You get over any hardship rather quickly. You kind of have a “I don’t give two hoots about anything” type of attitude. That draws many people to you, because it makes you seem like an honest person (which you are). You don’t conform, or buy into propaganda. For you a good time is just kickin’ back with your dog and taking it easy. You’d make a good partner for anyone who likes to enjoy life at a steady pace.

Sweet Miley

You love the sweeter things in life. If you’re “sweet Miley” you tend to face challenges with love and care. You are easy to befriend, you’re welcoming, and have a hospitable charm. You are very family oriented, making you the perfect future spouse. As of now, anyone would be lucky to date you.

Don’t forget to tune in to the American Music Awards on Nov. 24th 8/7c on ABC to watch Miley perform LIVE.

So tell us which Miley are you today?