Welcome Back Ciara, “Got Me Good” Video Is Great

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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I've been nervous for Ciara's career ever since 2009 when she released her Justin Timberlake duet "Love Sex Magic" from her third album, "Fantasy Ride." I actually liked the song, but it felt forced. She seemed too anxious to make a departure from her hip-hop, booty-popping dance roots to go pop, and I didn't see the rush. She had literally no competition (and still doesn't). No other female singer came close to her dance performance, and she was still very young, in her early-to-mid twenties. I wanted more songs like "Goodies" and "1, 2 Step."

"Fantasy Ride" failed to achieve even gold status and her 2010 album "Basic Instinct" created little to no buzz. Some wrote her off. I was hopeful, had all my fingers and toes crossed.

Ciara is back on track with the releases for her 2013 album "One Woman Army." Second single "Got Me Good," produced by Rodney Jerkins, is an even more pop-edged "1, 2 Step," reminiscent of the electronic, fast-paced rhythms of 1980s girl rappers J.J. Fad, L'Trimm, and MC Luscious. Aside from looking beautiful in the video (abs and blonde streaks in all), Ciara is at her best for the desert dance sequence which is on par with Janet's 1994 classic "You Want This." I am glad that she has found the right fit. Welcome back, Ciara.

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