We Dare You to Watch This "Wrecking Ball" Chatroulette Video and NOT Smile

Tiffany Lee
Yahoo Music

Youtuber Steve Kardynal strikes again with his seriously hilar recreation of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" music video, complete with sledgehammer and actually hanging ball! The video was posted just Tuesday and in under a day has already received over two million views (UPDATE: As of Wednesday afternoon, the video is at 17.7 million views!).

Clad in his tighty whities and wife beater (what weird slang we have for men's undergarments), Kardynal writhes and strips in his living room while lip synching the song and recording his screen as random strangers rotate through on Chatroulette. His viewers range from your typical male Internet troll to giggly girls to groups of friends, all of whom react in complete awe of him.

Mimicking the original video, he licks a sledgehammer and mounts himself on a makeshift wrecking ball in his living room, which appears to be a yoga ball tied up with rope. And true to form, he also strips completely nude for his performance. Even when [SPOILER ALERT] the ball breaks, the show still goes on!

But what really gets us smiling like idiots are the reactions he gets. Even the most hardened-looking viewers can't help but crack a smile, and many even join in with some of their own heart-felt lip synching.

The only thing missing are some cats in space. Miley would truly be proud.

Watch the original video for Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball":

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