Ways To Prepare Eggs: A Playlist

Robert of the Radish
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I sometimes get flack for playlists I create that tie songs together with an odd, or unusual themes. But in my view,  if enough songwriters feel the need to write a song about earthworms, or ground beef,  they deserve a list. It's also a great way to listen to a playlist that is sure to include songs you have not heard before.

One of these playlists was a 30 song compilation I put together called Egg Songs.  At the time, I thought 30 songs was a lot for such a unique theme, but according to the comments I missed some important ones.

Today, I thought I would create another playlist about eggs, but this time I decided to only use egg songs that include a specific preparation method. Now, before you tell me that an egg cream does not include eggs, I am completely aware of this fact. However, I included the song "Egg Cream" by Lou Reed for two reasons: the egg cream originally did in include eggs, even though they do not today, and it's Lou Reed who's an instant add for any playlist I compile if the song fits the theme.

So what's your favorite egg song?

Ways To Prepare Eggs: A Playlist

1. Scrambled Egg Song (C'est Bon) - Leadbelly

2. Afro Spanish Omlet: Umbakwen / Soli Tomba / Oiga / Marabi - Nat Adderley

3. Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese - Ween

4. Egg Cream - Lou Reed

5. Egg Foo Fried Rice - Race Street Chinatown Band

6. Scrambled Eggs - Daniel Johnston

7. Egg Sandwich - Robert LaPlante

8. Egg Salad Sandwich - Unichrom

9. Fried Egg Bad Monday - Doctor & The Medics

10. Boiled Egg - Wangel

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