Watch Todrick Hall & Pentatonix’s Funky Fractured Fairytale, ‘The Wizard of Ahhhs’

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

The last time we saw Season 9 "American Idol" contestant/viral video impresario Todrick Hall join forces with "The Sing-Off" winners Pentatonix, they were crooning LMFAO covers in a men's room. But they've come up with a decidedly higher concept — and higher budget — for their new tour de force, "The Wizard of Ahhhs," which has already racked up more than a million YouTube views in just two days.

With a cappella singing troupe Pentatonix taking on the classic Wizard of Oz roles (yes, even Toto) and Todrick lording over it all as the funky Wizard behind the glittery curtain, these incredibly talented people tell the age-old tale of Oz via a medley of hits by everyone from Frank Ocean and Kanye West to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to Danity Kane and Miley Cyrus, from Phillip Phillips to Motley Crue. (And "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is in there, of course.)

This is for sure THE coolest, weirdest Oz reworking since The Wiz back in the '70s. James Franco's Oz the Great and Powerful ain't got nuthin' on Todrick and crew.

Take a wild ride down to Emerald City with Todrick and Pentatonix...and if you don't like this video, then you must have less heart than the Tin Man, less of a brain than the Scarecrow, and basically no ears.

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