Watch the Season 4 trailer for ‘Arrested Development’

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It's the final countdown! Yes, less than two weeks before the May 26 premiere of "Arrested Development" on Netflix, the official trailer has been released -- and what a trailer it is.

From juice boxes to stair cars to a random running ostrich (sure, why not?), Season 4 already look amazing.

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So, what could season 4 possibly have in store for the Bluth family? Well, thanks to the return of Kitty (Judy Greer), we're sure to see at least a little drama with her ex-flame/boss, George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor). Word on the street is that we can also bank on returning guest stars: Mae Whitman (Anne a.k.a. "Egg"), Liza Minnelli (The Other Lucille), and Carl Whethers.

Though what's "Maeby" (get it?) more important is the relationship status between George Michael (Michael Cera) and his not-so-cousin (Alia Shawkat). That, and the fact that George Michael is still wearing the same shirts. It's been nine years, GM! Try out some other fashion statements.

What running jokes are you most excited to see this season? Will you be donning your denim cut-offs, or preparing an illusion that trumps even those of Gob (Will Arnett)? And another question: how on earth did he make it back into The Magicians League?