Watch Season 11′s Idols Serenade Phillip Phillips With “What Makes You Beautiful”

Lyndsey Parker
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After taking a much-needed post-finale break from the spotlight to tend to his health and undergo a grueling six-and-a-half-hour kidney operation, Season 11 "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips made his first public press appearance in weeks this Wednesday, briefly speaking to reporters at the scene of the Idols Live Tour rehearsals in Los Angeles.

As Phillip's castmates gave a sneak preview of the upcoming summer tour's group number of "What Makes You Beautiful" (interestingly, a song popularized by Simon Cowell's "X Factor" boy band, One Direction), they transformed their off-the-cuff, a cappella performance into a silly tribute to the triumphantly returning P-Squared, serenading him and sassing him as he stood by and grinned.

Speaking afterwards to the press, Phillip avoided discussing his health issues specifically, although he thanked his fans for their well-wishes and prayers. Looking forward to the tour, he admitted that he hasn't had much chance to rehearse yet, but said, "It's gonna be fun. I'm going to treat it like I did the show--just make sure every night when I go out there that it's fun first, and make sure the crowd feels that." (Sadly, he clarified that there will be no marching band joining him for "Home." Oh well.) Phillip also revealed that his debut album is tentatively scheduled for a November release.

It looks like the other Idols are already working hard to keep Phillip in good spirits, so hopefully it'll be a fun tour for him and everyone else involved!

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