Watch Now! Classical Pianist Simone Dinnerstein Rocks Some Bach

Wendy Geller
The New Now

Critically acclaimed pianist Simone Dinnerstein knows her Bach. The New York-born-and-bred musician hit No. 1 on the Billboard Traditional Classical Chart in 2011 with her release Bach: A Strange Beauty, and she's best-known for her skillful interpretations of the composer's works.

Needless to say, we at Yahoo Music think she totally rocks her Bach here in this first look at her performing "Johann Sebastian Bach’s Inventions Nos. 8 & 4."

Dinnerstein will be releasing J.S. Bach: Inventions & Sinfonias on January 21, so those who feel the same as we do can immerse themselves in a full release of her beautiful playing. If you'd like to catch her live, you can keep up with her schedule here.