Watch Morrissey Perform New Track ‘People Are the Same Everywhere’ on ‘Conan’

Daniel Kreps
Amplifier (NEW)

The same day Morrissey was honored with a PETA "Famous Vegetarians" postage stamp, the former Smiths frontman and his same shirt-wearing backing band dropped by 'Conan' for a rare television performance. (O'Brien didn't interview Moz, which prevented the singer from saying something stupid again.) Morrissey performed his new track "People Are the Same Everywhere," one of those new tracks that debuted earlier this summer. For a fit guy on a strict veggie diet, Morrissey seems winded like two lines into the song, but he recovers nicely. He might be out of shape, but nearly 30 years of singing hasn't diminished his trademark voice.

"People Are the Same Everywhere" will appear on Morrissey's upcoming studio disc, which still doesn't have an album title, release date, or even a record label to distribute it. At this point in the game, you've either stuck with Morrissey through all the drama or you stopped caring after 1995's 'Southpaw Grammar'. If you've remained by the singer's side (as The Amp has), "People Are the Same Everywhere" is another worthwhile addition to Morrissey's post-Smiths catalog. It'd be the worst song the Smiths ever recorded -- besides "Golden Lights," yuck -- but it's still a decent track nonetheless.