Watch This Guy’s Amazing a Capella Cover of Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’

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Singer Tyler Mancuso doesn't need any help creating the multi-part harmonies in British band Bastille's hit song "Pompeii." All he needed was his innate talent -- and a whole lot of patience!

The talented 21-year-old filmed nine different versions of himself performing various parts of the song a capella, and the result is not to be missed!

Tyler is currently a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is studying Actuarial Science with minors in Math, Statistics and Finance, but his real love is music. "I tried out for my campus' a capella group twice, but never had a callback, unfortunately," he tells the Good News. "I decided to pick this up on my own and continue with what I love doing."

Keep it up, Tyler! According to this video, you've already got your own troupe!

Now that you've watched Tyler's impressive cover, check out Bastille performing their song on "Ellen"!

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