Watch The Flaming Lips’ New Psychedelic Super Bowl Ad

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Last year, the Darkness released a Super Bowl commercial so rawkin', it nearly upstaged Madonna's halftime show. Well, this year, halftime headliner Beyonce should feel threatened, because the new Hyundai Super Bowl spot starring Oklahoma eccentrics the Flaming Lips will probably be the coolest musical moment of Super Bowl XLVII.

The charming 60-second spot, possibly the most lysergic commercial since that kaleidoscopic Friskies ad with the tripping kitty, features a regular family-of-four eschewing their usual armchair-quarterback activities to instead embark on an "Epic Playdate." They run amok with loose petting-zoo livestock, bad-boy bikers, and cardboard robots; one of the kids rolls around in Lips ringleader Wayne Coyne's famous plastic Habitrail bubble; and all the while, they're soundtracked by the shiny happy psychedelic sounds of the new Flaming Lips track "Sun Blows Up Today," which was written expressly for the ad. The band appears in the spot, too, rocking out on a Peter Maxian riverboat and cruising alongside the family's Hyundai in a magical mystical bus.

It's basically a 60-second depiction of the super-est Super Bowl Sunday imaginable.

Although "Sun Blows Up Today" won't be on the Flaming Lips' 13th album The Terror, which comes out April 2, Hyundai will soon give away 100,000 free downloads of the song at In the meantime, check out the tune's lyric video (set to equally eye-popping visuals) below. Seriously, is there any possibility that Beyonce's halftime show will be as cool as this?

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