Watch an Entire Coachella Dance Tent Do the Harlem Shake

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance (NEW)

The elephant in the room--or, more specifically, in the dance tent--on Saturday afternoon at the Southern California music festival Coachella was "Harlem Shake," the viral dance-craze hit popularized by New York producer Baauer. For literally the first 56 minutes of the superstar DJ's hour-long set on the Sahara stage, there was a whole lot of shaking going on among the dancing masses, but no actual Harlem-Shaking.

As Bauuer shied away from the song than made him a meme, he seemed out to prove that he's no one-hit wonder, instead filling his set with crowd-pleasing samples of hits by Outkast, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. It was beginning to look like he wouldn't spin "Harlem Shake" at all.

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But then, just as it seemed like his DJ set was over (he actually fled the stage with not so much as a farewell; the effect was almost like a needle being yanked off a record back in the old vinyl-DJing days), Baauer heeded the urgent audience chants of "Harlem Shake! Harlem Shake!" And he returned to his podium, that familiar bass-drop kicked in, and then…this happened:

So thank you, DJ Baauer, for giving the people what they wanted.

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